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Amazing Nannies is run by Desiree Lezar, who is a UK based child care recruitment agent. She has had the pleasure of supporting modern day mothers in London, Surrey & Middlesex since 2010. Through her personal search approach and conscientious work ethic, she is able to provide the best possible solutions for any child care challenge whilst taking into consideration personal needs and resources.



Amazing Nannies caters for families big and small, keeping efficiency and safety in mind. 

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A Nanny is employed by the family to provide personalised child care in the family's own home. 

Nanny Share


Nanny share is a nanny shared between two or more families usually to spread the cost.  

A Mother's Help


 A mother’s help assists a parent in the care of their children whilst under the parent’s supervision. 

Temporary Nanny


A Temporary Nanny provides short-term care when their permanent nanny

is unable to.

Maternity Nanny


 A maternity nurse and maternity nanny offers support and care in the weeks after a baby is born.  



 A babysitter is hired by parents to provide temporary or occasional short-term care.  

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