A Nanny is employed by the family to provide customized and personalized childcare in the families own home. Nannies can be either Full time/ Part time, live in or out, permanent or temporary, and can have complete sole charge of the children or shared charge with a family member or another Nanny. Nanny duties include taking responsibility for the safety and wellbeing of the children in his/her care, providing safe, stimulating, age appropriate activities, completing Nursery duties such as children's laundry, maintaining tidiness of children's rooms and preparing children's meals. 


Nanny Share


A Nanny Share is a nanny shared between two or more families usually to spread the cost. Qualifications and duties are as same as all types of Nannies although the nannies hourly/Weekly rate is usually slightly higher due to the fact she/he is taking on the responsibility of more children / nursery duties than would be applicable with one family. A nanny share is normally split between two or more houses. 


A Mothers Help


A mother’s help assists a parent in the care of their children whilst under the parent’s supervision. The Helper might be also asked to help with other household duties such as meal preparation, running of errands and some light housework or shopping. One of the parents is usually present but the carer can be also left in sole charge for short periods of time. 


Temporary Nanny

A Temporary Nanny is to provide temporary short-term care when their current nanny is sick or if she is on annual leave or some other circumstances arise. Also, if one of the parents have to leave for work for a few weeks and family needs some extra help. Parents usually required a Temporary nanny for 1 week up to two months.


Maternity Nurse


A maternity nurse and maternity nanny offers support and care in the weeks after a baby is born. It is also possible to have a maternity nurse or nanny for only days or nights. This intensive care provides support to new mothers and their little ones, ensuring this special time goes as smoothly as possible and mum receives the support she needs . Maternity Nurses are employed on either a daily or live in basis. A Maternity Nurse will be on call 24 hours a day for 5 or 6 days a week, however this can be flexible depending on the individual needs of the family. 




A babysitter is hired by parents to provide temporary or occasional short-term care. Babysitters care for the children and keep them safe until the parents return home. Babysitters generally follow the specific daily instructions and schedule parents leave for them.

Areas we cover:

Twickenham, Hampton, Teddington, Richmond, Chiswick, Shepperton, Sunbury, Kingston, Weybridge, Chertsey, Egham, Virginia Water, Claygate, Esher, Staines. If you are looking for a Nanny in an area that has not been listed above, please send us an email as not all our areas are listed.